IceHunter’s AI-driven vision for Safer Maritime Navigation

Safeguarding Seas, Cutting Emissions

Iceberg detection using AI algorithms to enhance maritime safety and reduce carbon emissions

IceHunter is a research group at Lancaster University working on using artificial intelligence to detect icebergs in satellite radar images.

Challenges in Polar Maritime Navigation

Climate change is enhancing the formation and calving of icebergs in the Arctic and Antarctic. At the same time, shipping lanes such as the North West Passage are opening up as the sea ice melts.

Icebergs can enter these important shipping lanes through drifting and currents. Therefore, they are a hazard which require essential monitoring. Key industries that undertake maritime activities at risk to iceberg collision include shipping, oil and gas, fishing, and tourism.

Smart For The Environment. Smart For Your Safety

By using state-of-the-art AI algorithms combined with satellite radar imaging, it will be possible to provide twice-daily locations of icebergs for those undertaking maritime activities in the polar regions.

Our Solution

We’re excited to introduce our cutting-edge AI algorithm tailored for maritime companies operating in polar regions. This innovative technology is designed to enhance safety and reduce environmental impact.

AI Algorithm Overview

Our state-of-the-art AI algorithm employs computer vision, utilizing a convolutional neural network to detect icebergs in satellite radar images. Whether they’re visible in open water or within sea ice, our algorithm ensures accurate identification.

Environmental Impact

By facilitating efficient route planning and reducing journey times through ice-infested waters, it lowers fuel costs and minimizes the carbon footprint of shipping activities.

Benefits of Iceberg Detection

Our solution offers vital safety updates by pinpointing iceberg locations twice daily, surpassing the limitations of ships’ radar and significantly reducing collision risks in polar maritime operations

Cost and Efficiency

Implementing our AI algorithm eliminates the need for costly airborne surveys in remote polar regions. This not only reduces operational expenses but also streamlines logistical processes, maximizing efficiency for maritime companies.

Diverse Applications of Our Advanced Iceberg Detection System

National Ice services & Ice-charting companies

For national ice services and ice-charting companies which rely more on low frequency radar images and coarser spatial resolutions, this product would be a game changer since our system can operate at a finer spatial resolution.

Oil & Gas Industry

For the oil and gas sector, this solution mitigates the risk of environmental disasters stemming from marine LNG or oil transportation, as well as the substantial impact of iceberg movement on oil platforms. Additionally, it enables the formulation of contingency plans to address potential collisions between icebergs and platforms.

Tourism & Leisure Industry

Our Solution has the potential to boost tourism and leisure industries, stimulating local economies as iceberg spotting gains popularity in polar regions. Moreover, integrating this additional safety feature can mitigate reputational risks significantly.

Fishing Industry

For the fishing industry this product will help contribute towards maximising return from fishing shoals in ice infested waters.

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